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Zone of Collaboration

  I got to know and work with some amazing people in 2014; friends, colleagues, collaborators, and clients. People dedicated to exploring new ideas and new ways of applying old ideas, to improve how we live and work together. So here’s my 2015 wish for you: Find some fellow explorers. Look outside your ‘silos’. Go […]

Population Health – Engaging Al...

Two of our current projects are defining new models for delivering health care to under-served populations in Harris County, Texas.  Both involve creating new access to health services through neighborhood ‘portals’ – places where communities gather already.  Introducing health services into a community gathering place brings lots of change: new service providers, new ‘customers’, sharing of […]

Community Health Centers

Changes in health care policy, and a dynamic marketplace that’s looking to improve quality and reduce costs, may put community health centers in an exciting position to be innovators in the movement toward a health care system that is focused on pro-active population health. Community health centers are at the tip of the spear of […]