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Community Health Centers

Changes in health care policy, and a dynamic marketplace that’s looking to improve quality and reduce costs, may put community health centers in an exciting position to be innovators in the movement toward a health care system that is focused on pro-active population health. Community health centers are at the tip of the spear of […]

Research & Development

As an architect I’ve always been envious of the car designers and their ability to indulge in endless R&D with prototypes and test labs, refining their cool designs and pushing the limits of performance. Finally, today we are beginning to realize the dream of R&D for architects.. with Architectural Prototyping becoming an established form of […]


As I’ve read through the stream of e-mails and news alerts this week, there is no shortage of strategies and advice about what Health Care in America needs in the coming year – or the next five years. While a lot has become clearer in the past two months about evolving policies and markets, the […]

A Balancing Act

Achieving “Performance, Form, and Flow” is not easy.  Delivering health care that is cost-effective, high quality, with a satisfying experience for the patient takes thoughtful planning and design of Care Delivery, Health IT systems, and Physical Space.  Most importantly it requires knowledge of the interrelationships between these three domains, and a complex ‘balancing act’ to […]

Performance, Form and Flow

In his “10 Books on Architecture” in the First Century A.D., the Roman architect Vitruvius gave us the formula for good architecture – “Firmness, Commodity, and Delight” – a formula still respected today, it has served us well.  But I’d like to humbly propose a new formula for our complex buildings of the 21st century, especially our […]