because CHANGE HAPPENS.....


As I’ve read through the stream of e-mails and news alerts this week, there is no shortage of strategies and advice about what Health Care in America needs in the coming year – or the next five years. While a lot has become clearer in the past two months about evolving policies and markets, the range of ideas for practical solutions is still all over the board. From Providers, to Payers, to Quality Improvement Leaders, to Designers, to Consumers – every domain has answers, and a role to play. 2013 will be a year of focus!

Don Berwick said in an interview with H&HN Daily, that in America we have ahead of us a “big problem of social and technical transition” to make health care affordable. At design at the intersection we believe that sustainable change comes from designing in the social and technical domains together. In this complex environment of people, buildings and data, the best ideas will come from focused conversations at the intersection.

Happy New Year! Let’s have a conversation. And let’s help change Health Care.