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Community Health Centers

Changes in health care policy, and a dynamic marketplace that’s looking to improve quality and reduce costs, may put community health centers in an exciting position to be innovators in the movement toward a health care system that is focused on pro-active population health. Community health centers are at the tip of the spear of Health Care in America.  They serve a large population of uninsured individuals and families in our communities.  And they play an important role in community health in the form of pro-active primary care and wellness.  Many also provide social services and are a positive force in their neighborhoods.

As many of their consumer base become insured under Obamacare, these health centers may have the opportunity to grow and strengthen their role in the neighborhoods they serve.  Recently I joined nearly 100 people from organizations in the Houston area at a 1-day workshop on Community Health Center Design.  We talked about evidence-based design, operational planning, and funding.  The workshop was supported by the Kresge Foundation and organized by Partners for Community Health together with the Center for Health Design, which has a wonderful on-line resource for Clinic Design. It is worth a look whether you are a health care provider, designer, builder or funding source.  It outlines an evidence-based design process and includes lots of useful resources.