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About Us

Ron Smith:  “I founded Design At The Intersection, LLC to be a catalyst for more effective, value-based design for health care organizations. Our amazing team is working with health care and community organizations to align and integrate technical solutions with organizational and business solutions that are innovative and sustainable.

I believe no environment is neutral; buildings either enable or constrain the organizations that work in them.  When buildings and organizations are designed concurrently and interactively – rather than separately – we can create a great places to work, places that support nimble, resilient organizations, and places that provide a great experience for their stakeholders!”


Bernard Mohr:  My clients already know ‘what’ needs to be done … they know there is a need to transform the way their services are delivered, products are created and sold and the way the organization adjusts to unexpected events. I provide the ‘how’.

I provide practical structures, concepts and ‘tools’  for managers, employees, customers and other key stakeholders to collaboratively generate ‘innovations’ in strategy, business models, workplace organization and culture. My approach is a relationship based one – grounded in Open Socio-Technical Systems Thinking, Large Group Methods, Complexity Science and Strength Based Change.

As a Design Practitioner, Author and Speaker over the past 40 years I have worked in the U.S., Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, and the Middle East — in health care, education, retail, manufacturing and other professional service businesses.”

Bernard’s recent book, “Appreciative Inquiry – Change at the Speed of Imagination


Gregoria Smith, PhD:  Gregoria is a Human Systems Dynamics practitioner with a background in health education, community psychology, health care quality, and human organizational systems. Learn more about Human Systems Dynamics here.